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This Great State – Great Whites [Review]

This Great State – Great Whites [Review]

Haunting, Vivacious and imbuing. American Indie rock band ‘This Great State’ are back with their newest single ‘Great Whites.’

Despite being in the infancy of their career, the band have a truly immersive and self-defined sound. Southern rooted guitar riffs and melodic bass lines dominate the song and marry well Taniy’s haunting vocals. The band are currently travelling and touring their new EP ‘This Great State’ in which the single is taken from and I’m sure this is only the start of a big career for the band. The band are always a hit at gigs as Tanyi has a real stage presence and her sassy vibe alongside her expressive sound make for a captivating performance. The band’s sound though described as indie rock also has a blues vibe which creates a really interesting take on the genre. So if you’re an indie music fan, have a listen of ‘Great Whites’.


Review by Georgia Jackson

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