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This is Summer Daze, the new single from indie outfit Them Swoops.

Music is meant to stand for something, to mean something, or maybe not. In fact, music can stand for whatever the listener wants to hear. There’s an old saying by Joe Strummer that if you can’t hear the lyrics, you’re not listening hard enough. And, you don’t have to Joe, sometimes we just want to feel good and dance. Summer Daze by Them Swoops provides something altogether very significant. Something that is much more significant to the singer, Dave, in the band. The song is centered around and sparked by loss – a significant loss, a cruel loss, the loss of a parent, the loss of a parent by a child. In this case the lead singer’s loss of his mother when he was two years’ old.

Like lightning, tunes from Them Swoops come in short bursts, firing off, then disappearing from whence they came. Australia in this case. Summer Daze’s video brings together a family – a mother, a father and some friends accompanied by the trade-mark quick and effective three-piece, taut and serious. The sort of tune that means so much to a handful of people, which is what music is all about. You can either want to know what it’s about or you can just let it get you up and make you want to dance regardless.


Review by Craig Beauman

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