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The Vitriots – Down On My Level [Review]

The Vitriots – Down On My Level [Review]

Down On My Level is the latest in a long line of releases from Australian band The Vitriots.

It’s a raw and punchy attitude fest, with lo-fi bass tones and a harsh vocal style. The energy hits you like a ton of bricks and catapults you into sweaty gig venues with mosh pits galore. The lo-fi nature of the track gives a proper insight into how it would sound live. It’s a rare thing to find these days with overly polished indie music becoming more and more mainstream.

That isn’t to say the trio from Australia doesn’t know how to make a memorable banger. They dip their toes into the indie-punk vibe with guitar hooks similar to Shame and bolshy vocal melodies not far from 90s rock artists like Liam Gallagher. There’s a real resurgence of 90s brit-pop attitude that sweeps across this track and it’s a refreshing thing to see. Listening to this, you get a vivid sense that rock is back once again.

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