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The Tambourine Girls – Clara [Review]

The Tambourine Girls – Clara [Review]

Serene, warming and unlaxing, ‘Clara’, the newest single by The Tambourine Girls is the lead track from the bands second LP entitled, ‘Waiting for Pleasure.’

The four piece from Sydney have been producing music since 2014 and they have grown in popularity ever since the release of their first EP ‘The End of Time.’ ‘Clara’, their newest single has a placid sound that marries well with Simon Relf’s soft sounding lyrics. This track has a relaxing vibe and it is less upbeat than their previous work such as ‘Blood and Bones’.

In keeping with the indie pop genre, the track has a melodic focus and is angst free. Nevertheless, despite the tunes tranquil sound, the chiming riffs and refrain are emotive and hooking from the outset. This emotive warmth is in keeping with the personal meaning behind the name of the track; ‘Clara’ is named after singer Simon Relf’s wife, the renowned painter Clara Adolphs. This song is such delight to listen to and only adds to the back catalogue of great music that The Tambourine Girls have already produced. Definitely give this a listen!


Review by Georgia Jackson

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