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The Sugarplastic – Odium [Review]

The Sugarplastic – Odium [Review]

Whether you’re rediscovering or listening for the first time, The Sugarplastic’s Odium is a dreamy pop delight.

The song was originally released in 2000, but fast-forward 18 years later, and fans of the band have created their own record label, aptly named Just For You, so they could release The Sugarplastic’s music on vinyl.

The Sugarplastic, from LA, California, were active from 1995-2005 and experimented within the pop genre, so it comes as no surprises there’s an alternative edge to some of their music.

Odium, taken from the album Resin, is a great example of this. Its got airy vocals, paired with upbeat hooks. Throughout the track, you hear a fantastical bizarre mix of percussion and synth, giving this light pop song a bit more of a punch.

If you listen to the Smashing Pumpkins or Eels, this band could be for you. We hope this vinyl release gives both old and new fans of the band an audio treat.


Review by Ellie Lewis

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