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The Slow Painters – What I Miss the Most [Review]

The Slow Painters – What I Miss the Most [Review]

Norwegian alternative indie band The Slow Painters have shared their track What I Miss the Most.

There’s a lovely combination of memorable indie guitar hooks and an ever-present reverb drenched distortion. It hits you like a bus, with the wall of sound flowing all over you. The track captivates you so much that you become lost in its sonic soup without even realising it.

The elegant vocals placed over the top are reminiscent of Travis’ lead singer Fran Healy. They’re somewhat drone-like in style, but also catchy enough to keep your attention. With the hazy influence of bands like Slowdive added to the mix, The Slow Painters have created something that is the perfect gateway for someone looking to delve into the shoegaze genre, as well as appealing to those who just love a good bit of indie rock.

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