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The Shipbuilders – Silk Road [Review]

The Shipbuilders – Silk Road [Review]

Liverpool-based gyspy-rock band, The Shipbuilders, have release their latest doubled-sided single. This is Silk Road.

The Shipbuilders create a beautifully gritty, guitar-heavy track that continues their voyage towards the understanding with Silk Road. Packed with powerful songwriting and an authentic principal vocal, every line in Silk Road unveils a new layer of their indie pop magic. On the reverse is b-side, La Fee Verte which backs Silk Road with a moody undertone and equally melodic rhythm.

Silk Road marks a moment of change for the band, their first release under new label Mai 68. Their self-esteem evolved into self-belief, leaving us with song about chasing a collective dream; unified by excitement and starry-eyed wonder, it’s a song of unity, adventure and following those you love into one more spring.

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