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The Rotary Fifth – Take Your Aim [Review]

The Rotary Fifth  – Take Your Aim [Review]

This is Take Your Aim from The Rotary Fifth, taken from the band’s debut EP Automata.

Take Your Aim is a mellow psychedelic trip of a track, gliding softly but purposefully along a intriguingly experimental musical journey.

Despite it’s laid-back tones, the track twists and turns somewhat unpredictably. While the bulk of the song’s melodies and hooks sit towards the front of this behemoth – coming in at a total of 7 minutes 10 seconds – the song’s outro lingers on with a subtle soundscape and reverberating tones.

Take Your Aim has a really cool, easy-going but adventurous vibe and is sure to please fans of psych indie music. There seems to be nods in here to Tame Impala, boasting just enough mainstream appeal to feel inclusive.

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