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The Roosevelts – Do You Want Me? [Review]

The Roosevelts – Do You Want Me? [Review]

‘Do You Want Me?’ is the latest release from The Roosevelts following the departure of their lead singer at the end of last year.

Having released their debut EP back in 2013, The Roosevelts have recently decided to change tack and find a new sound. ‘Do You Want Me?’ signifies a journey into the realms of indie pop, and on this occasion it appears as though change could well be a good thing, as The Roosevelts have created a track which is bursting with life.

There’s a vibrancy and warmth to the song which begs the listener to play it on repeat, making it a perfect addition to any summer playlist, and smooth vocals from Mitchell Kilpatrick evoke comparisons to contemporary artists such as The Weeknd. Kilpatrick is admirably able to convey the yearning of the track’s titular question without disrupting the song’s tone, giving it a level of depth which it may have lacked in less capable hands.

‘Do You Want Me?’ is a polished and confident effort from The Roosevelts which justifies their shift in focus, and with more music on the way in 2018 it could be an eventful year for the Nashville-based band.


Review by Ben Whittaker

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