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The Ramona Flowers – Out of Focus [Review]

The Ramona Flowers – Out of Focus [Review]

‘Out of Focus’ is The Ramona Flowers latest instalment from the forthcoming album, ‘Strangers’ out next month.

Their 3rd full length album, ‘Strangers’ is the culmination of The Ramona Flowers’ journey to perfect the balance between rock and electronica. Seamlessly meshing contemporary influences with timelessly uplifting melodies, the 11-track collection hits a euphonic sweet spot reminiscent of M83 and Everything Everything.

The last few years have seen The Ramona Flowers playing concerts around the world, making many new fans – including the singer of U2. Bono contacted the band and subsequently recruited the song’s producer Andy Barlow to help in the making of the Irish super group’s latest album, Songs Of Experience.

As a statement of intent, the title track from Strangers sets the tone of The Ramona Flowers’ new approach. A nocturnal- sounding club track with a vocoder hookline, it finds Bird lyrically concerned with re-exploring the early passion of a relationship. “It’s about when you meet somebody and that first sort of whirlwind of how great it is,” says the singer. “It’s wanting to repeat it all again.”

For Strangers, The Ramona Flowers employed a new creative modus operandi of the collective members writing separately, using computers and synthesizers, before bringing the songs to the rest of the band in the studio to complete as a team. Hence the music’s more electronic focus. “I think this record is much more accessible to a wider audience,” says Sam James. “The sound of the band is big. I think we’ve been growing towards this over the last two records. This is the best album we’ve ever done.”


Review by Charlie Hall

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