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The Pinkerettes – Better Angels [Review]

The Pinkerettes – Better Angels [Review]

This is ‘Better Angels’, the debut album from father and son duo The Pinkerettes.

Promoting the vision of Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker comes the debut album ‘Better Angels’ from Polish duo The Pinkerettes. Dark, mysterious and rousing, ‘Better Angels’ is based on the teachings of the Harvard psychologist, analysing the trappings of modernity and society. Tomasz Bierón the father of the duo, spent time translating two of Pinkers books and used these translations as the basis of the lyrical content. With his son accompanying him on guitar and his music teacher Ignacy Matuszewski engineering the album and playing keyboard, they have created a nine track homage to Pinkers ideology and theories.

Influenced by the music of the prog rockers like Genesis and Pink Floyd, The Pinkerettes fill their music with complexity and intellectual theories and references. Tomasz Bierón has referred to himself as a Pinkerian for the last few years which served as the inspiration behind the band name. They do not have any plans to take this album to the live stage, wanting audiences to be able to immerse themselves in the recording they have released. The YouTube release is accompanied by interesting questions and theoretical answers to help audiences engage with the premise behind the release.

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