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The Philharmonik – Pay Me [Review]

The Philharmonik – Pay Me [Review]

‘Pay Me’ is the new track from the newest member of the Sol Life record label, The Philharmonik.

There are two types of tunes in my book (No, not good and bad) – those you can dance, and those you’d like to dance to, but having two left feet impedes you every time. I kind of think you’d need dance academy training to attempt to follow this tune’s groove on a dance-floor. But there’s something about Pay Me from The Philharmonik that makes me want to get up there regardless. Even although I figure I wouldn’t know where to start. But honestly, I couldn’t care less. I love this, and I don’t mind saying so.

Pay Me has everything that a dance track needs. It’s tight. The beat gets your shoulders up. The melody carries the mood, and the bluesy lyrics adds a further warm depth to a listening audience.

It’s a starter track, a floor filler. It’s the track you put on first if you want to start a house party, or for a DJ to build up to. Actually, it’s the track to begin the rest of the night after you’ve just cooked someone a meal. Understand? Few people can really carry off R ‘n’ B properly, and if you can include a soul backdrop with paced vocals then you’ve got the bundle. Believe me, it’s all here.


Review by Craig Beauman

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