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The Nova Darlings – Laundry Room/Caesura [Review]

The Nova Darlings – Laundry Room/Caesura [Review]

The Nova Darlings scrub up well on their new single, ‘Laundry Room/Caesura’.

Remember those kids at school; the swats who sat studiously at the front of the class or sat alone on the bus listening to their iPods in their own little world? Well, those kids went on to form a band. That band is the carrot wielding, cross dressing indie rock four piece, The Nova Darlings. The Los Angeles-based and USC attending four piece consist of bass guitarist and vocalist Mackin Carroll; guitarist Larry Scaniello; keyboardist and backing vocalist Sara Mulford and drummer Larry Scaniello and rather sweetly list their interests as being best friends; playing board games; doing improvised comedy with each other in the car and slaying dragons.

The Nova Darlings’ latest single is entitled ‘Laundry Room/Caesura’. ‘Laundry Room/Caesura’ is a four and half minute puzzle of a song with shifting musical styles, which may remind some listeners of 1990s lo-fi bands such as Pavement, circa ‘Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain’ with a hint of The Wannadies in Carroll’s charming and sadness-tinged vocal delivery and little bit of Elliot Smith in the disaffected guitar sound for its first two and half minutes but evolves into a psychedelic trip out slightly reminiscent of the centre section of David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’. This clever musical backdrop is complimented by the song’s beautifully introspective and heartfelt lyrics. I am expecting big things from The Nova Darlings, a band who are set to clean up in the latter half of 2018.


Review by Alice Jones

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