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The New Respects bring us an explosive sound with their new track ‘Freedom’.

Hitting the scene straight from Nashville, this all family female rock and roll band are a force to be reckoned with, and this is strikingly obvious from the sound that exonerates from this track.

Opening with an incredible electric guitar riff, this provides the perfect introduction for them, setting the tone of this fierce, determined group.  Once the vocals hit you get the immediate impression of the vigorous energy that went into this track.  The lyrics and their delivery are a force of nature, and the instruments incredible; they’re made up of everything that is rock and roll.  A stand out element for me is the strong presence of the electric guitar throughout, giving it that rock and roll edge.

The video gives us dirt tracks, dusty cars, fireworks and fierce-female havoc.  The whole onus on ‘Freedom’ is exactly what you take from this track – these women are embracing it and taking life by the horns.  A song of empowerment, this band have a clear message and a killer way of telling it!


Review by Helen Radford

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