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The Man Himself – Try Me [Review]

The Man Himself – Try Me [Review]

This is Try Me from Australian solo artist The Man Himself.

The Man Himself brings a minimalistic blues-inspired ditty in from the cold. Starting out with a guitar and bass jam, Try Me evolved into a catchy and rough-around-the-edges banger. The coarse vocal style has been directly inspired by Tom Waits. Like the veteran blues singer, there is a self-confident swagger that surrounds the whole track.

The track also has similar stylings to Nick Cave, particularly with the killer drum beat and point of view lyrics. Like his fellow Australian artist, there is a sense of brooding mysticism that surrounds the track. It’s a song that wouldn’t be out of place in the soundtrack for From Dusk Till Dawn. Try Me is beautifully constructed and is a breath of fresh air from the overly complex blues-inspired tracks you see from time to time.

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