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The Lady of the Tribes – Good Friends [Review]

The Lady of the Tribes – Good Friends [Review]

Multinational collective The Lady of the Tribes release their latest track Good Friends.

Good Friends (Official Music Video)

The Lady of the Tribes is a collective consisting of various artistic backgrounds from different parts of the world. Their eclecticism isn’t just limited to their geographic and artistic roots, naturally, it seeps through into their sound as well. Good Friends is the latest instalment and is a celebratory ode to the life of former member and friend Marcelo Nunez, who tragically passed away earlier this year.

As mentioned before, there’s an abundance of influences present in this one. There’s the unmistakable feel-good vibe of a splendid pop tune, fused with a soulful edge, laced with a jazzy backdrop. The production is on point and every part fits together perfectly, resulting in a poptastic celebration that you can’t help but bounce along to. Good Friends is perfect to have on now that the summer is officially in full swing.

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