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The Honest Heart Collective – I’ve Got You [Review]

The Honest Heart Collective – I’ve Got You [Review]

The Honest Heart Collective deliver a gorgeous indie-rock ode to love and friendship on their latest release, ‘I’ve Got You.’

Some of the best music in the world is created through that unique bond of family. The Kinks, Arcade Fire, and Oasis are just some of the many iconic bands that have been anchored by that unbeatable connection. Canadian rock group The Honest Heart Collective, led by brothers Ryan and Nic MacDonald, follow in this tradition, and the result is a sound that is playful, yet distinctly unified.

‘I’ve Got You’ is a track pulsing with a wildly youthful heart. The Honest Heart Collective will take you back to bittersweet summer evenings, lost love, and great friends. In fact, ‘I’ve Got You’ is essentially a beautiful homage to friendship, and all the complications that come with it. Against the backdrop of powerful, energetic rock instrumentation, the poignant lyricism is breath-taking: ‘You might be emotionally spent / But I’ve got you. I’ve always had you.’

The Honest Heart Collective take obvious influence from indie and punk-rock groups like The Gaslight Anthem, as well as from the showmanship and classic song-writing of Bruce Springsteen. Overall however, The Honest Heart Collective, alongside producer Derek Hoffman, have created a sound on ‘I’ve Got You’ that is distinctly individual, and full of heart. With a new LP arriving in the spring, this group is definitely one to keep an ear out for.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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