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The Haunted Youth – Teen Rebel [Review]

The Haunted Youth – Teen Rebel [Review]

The Haunted Youth have released their latest dream-pop banger, Teen Rebel.

The saying ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ comes to mind when listening to this one. Teen Rebel kicks off with a simple, yet superbly effective guitar melody that sets the tone for the rest of the track. By the time the rumbling bass and ethereal synth layers kick in, you have already become transfixed with the sensational musical soup that surrounds you.

There’s a fine balance of influences here. Firstly, you have the ghost-like vocals that are reminiscent of MGMT frontman Andrew VanWyngarden. Then you get the ambient soundscape wrapping around you, similar to how a wonderous Slowdive track does. A clinical edginess is present too, which is what made bands like Beach House and DIIV what they are today. Teen Rebel is a masterclass in showing how you can use uncomplicated rhythms and minimalistic ideas to create a sound that’s huge.

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