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The Hails – Younger [Review]

The Hails – Younger [Review]

The Hails’ latest track ‘Younger’ is a newfound direction of pop whilst maintaining the 70’s groove orientated sound they are known for.

‘Younger’ begins with a staccato build-up of instrumentals as vocalist Robbie Kingsley teases his range of tone. Beginning with a clear sound, escalating to a high pitched almost psychedelic pitch for the pre-chorus before hitting home the subtle yet powerful chorus.

Upon first listen, the track seems an easy listen, however after a few listens, you realise the intricate details The Hails have put into Younger. What begins as a basic guitar, bass, vocals, build up escalates into a sort of organised chaos. Andre Escobar on bass ups subtly introduces a lick going its own way to the rest of the band, Franco Solari and Dylan McCue on guitars play off each other as the staccato continues with a layered chiming sound sitting on top of it all as Zach Levy’s drumming carries the track.

The Hails are currently playing a string of shows in their hometown of Grainsville Florida with ‘Younger’ making Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, watch this space, The Hails are coming!


Review by Nathan Smith

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