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The Good Manners – Walk or Talk [Review]

The Good Manners – Walk or Talk [Review]

If there’s one word that comes to mind when The Good Manners come on, it’s fun.

If I had to describe The Good Manners’ latest single ‘Walk or Talk’ to a stranger, the elevator pitch would sound like this: feel-good, out-of-work-early-on-a-Friday music that makes you want to have a pint—or two, or three—on a patio in the summer.

Gabriel and Marcos revisit their hispanic heritage with passion and soul; funky guitar and brass instrumentals give ‘Walk or Talk’ the band’s trademark groove. Strong vocals round out the track in stellar fashion, meshing perfectly to balance with the ease of the tune.

With a beat that has you unknowingly tapping your foot or bopping your head, the undeniable truth about this single is that it brings happiness to whomever listens. In fact, if this were a movie and the song could play on loudspeakers as I walked down the street, I think I’d do a few finger guns just to make strangers smile, or even add a full spin or two on my way to the pub.

A single that confidently and accurately captures the soul of summer, the duo is sure to be a fan favorite long after the summer months end.


Review by Madison Obermeyer

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