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The Francos – Prime [Review]

The Francos – Prime [Review]

Aussie indie trio The Francos hit us with their new track ‘Prime’.

The Francos are listed as an ‘indie’ band. I’m not so convinced. They’re much more cultured than that. Perhaps the addition of the word ‘rock’ to ‘indie-rock’ gets closer to their sound. But really, any band that sets a genre to hit, to maintain, certainly can’t hail from anywhere as manically named as Woolongong, Australia.

The track essentially tries to dispel the myth, that level of conformity, that by 25 years old, all is over. That by your mid-20s you must be settled, married, have 2.4 kids (or whatever it is nowadays) a career and be bloody dull. Go and see Public Image Limited live, or the Francos live, to see what I mean.

From their sporadic output, here a second EP, Prime is a necessarily lyric-heavy tune which rhythmically allows a start-stop key-changing, haunting riff-driven banger that will keep you moved and alert as it flows through methodically choreographed melodies. Prime says join the rat-race if you must. But leave it late, say…when you’re ready, not when conformity says so.


Review by Craig Beauman

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