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The Elephant Trees – Hooked [Review]

The Elephant Trees – Hooked [Review]

Fast pace and high rising UK alternative rockers The Elephant Trees return with their new single ‘Hooked’.

Their last single ‘Open Up’ picked up support from the likes of Alt Press and Spotify’s Head Of Rock, Allison Hagendorf, who selected the song for her Badass Women playlist. The persisting and unpredictable grunge riffs of ‘Hooked’ are set to win them more new fans as its wild state lures you into what you didn’t think you needed.

‘Hooked’ forms a roller-coaster of guitar and drum sounds that takes you on an unlawful amount of loop the loops and corkscrews all within 2 minutes and 44 seconds. With builds that seem everlasting and an explosive ending that seems to give your ears the real release that they have begged for ever since you pressed play. It really is a obsessive and creative piece of work.

Hooked was inspired by an unhealthy obsession that I needed to get out on paper, rather than leave it festering in my head. It’s about getting stuck on someone that’s not good for you,” explains singer & songwriter Martha Phillips. Despite only releasing their debut single in February 2017, The Elephant Trees have cumulative a striking list of praises and achievements. Virgin Radio’s Edith Bowman sung the band’s praises when they became finalists in the station’s Summer Fresh competition, and the video for the band’s single ‘Monster’ received over 25,000 views inside a few days of release.


Review by Charlie Hall

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