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The Desert Sea – I Already Know [Review]

The Desert Sea – I Already Know [Review]

Aussie rockers The Desert Sea are back after a short break from the road with their electric new single ‘I Already Know’.

Punctuated by a prominent and powerful guitar riff, the song is all about how knowledge is power which is most definitely portrayed in every aspect of the song from its catchy lyrics, to the vocals, to the drums and bass. The impressive tone and dynamic of the song is not dissimilar to the style of iconic artists such as the Foo-Fighters for its strong message and delivery, to The White Stripes (who are a prominent influence for the band) for the lo-fi yet raw vocals. Additionally, the chorus gives the vibe of a Led Zeppelin track. ‘I Already Know’ is a daring yet wonderfully flattering fusion of genres.

The Desert Sea believes that their third EP (which is currently in the making) is their best record to date and from listening to this little taster it’s not difficult to see why! Keep an eye out for this up and coming Aussie band!


Review by Sian Vadher

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