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The Daily Spreadsheets – Sun Towards Me [Review]

The Daily Spreadsheets – Sun Towards Me [Review]

The Daily Spreadsheets shares his track, Sun Towards Me.

Sun Towards Me is a bold sounding track filled with indie rock sensibilities. The project is the brainchild of Henrique Neves, who has been writing tracks since he was 14. Heavily influenced by all kinds of rock, ranging from the British Invasion bands of the 60s to US 90s alternative rock, Neves takes a little from everything in this track.

The guitar riffs are catchy and well thought out, and the vocals sweep over the top, making Sun Towards Me an obvious choice in anyone’s rock playlist. The production level is top class and keeps true to the character of the genre. Even though he is influenced by bands from yesteryear, Neves also keeps things current as you find slight pop-punk nuances creeping in. Sun Towards Me is three and a half minutes of sheer joy, designed to get you into the groove.

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