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Canadian band The Cut Losses make ‘Growing Old’ sound like the thing to do this summer.

The seeds of Vancouver-based indie pop band, The Cut Losses were sown whilst lead singer and keyboardist Patrick McWilliams was in high school. At one point, McWilliams nearly gave up on the idea of pursuing music for living. Even after rediscovering his passion through literature classes and songwriting in high school, taking music to the next level seemed too much of a jump. At his lowest ebb, McWilliams almost sold his music equipment and took the thing of horror to most musicians, a normal day job. Thanks to the power of Facebook, a number of recordings that he had placed on his profile found their way to the tiny Washington-based indie label, Cedar Street Records, a deal was struck and preparations were made for the release of debut EP, Lightning Dolphin. The single taken from the EP, ‘Spending Time On My Own’ was an instant hit, receiving 100,000 streams on Spotify.

The next step, of course, was to form an actual band. Guitarist, Brett Mackay was found after McWilliams answered a post on Craigslist. Mackay was soon followed by bassist Todd Hazzard and drummer Duncan Lee, who had already provided percussion on two tracks on the Lightning Dolphin EP. After receiving a government funding grant in 2017, the band set about making more music. However, this was not before they had gained performances with Paul McCartney’s son, Paul, played a number of music festivals and received high praise from The Bravery’s Mike Hindert. The band even self-produced a documentary about themselves in association with Tom Lee Music, Canada.

The Cut Losses’ new single, ‘Growing Old’ is the first fruits of the band as a four-piece outfit. A perfectly constructed three and a half minute pop song, ‘Growing Old’ is built around an infectious keyboard riff, which may put listeners in mind of ‘80s acts such as A-ha, whilst it’s accompanying guitar inflections are reminiscent of mid to late ‘80s period New Order. One of the greatest attributes of The Cut Losses’ sound, however, is their ability to write simple but effective choruses and ‘Growing Old’ features their best and poppiest yet, making it a strong contender for surprise hit of the Summer.


Review by Alice Jones

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