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The debut single from North Carolina’s The Chroma Divide, “Fragments” is a darkly euphoric display of noise management at its finest.

Announcing yourself with a song overtly concerned with the subject of drug addiction is always going to be a bold move, no matter the style or genre you employ. Such a heavy topic can easily alienate more casual listeners from the get-go, and with The Chroma Divide edging toward the more pop-heavy side of rock, it’s a risky strategy to say the least. Yet the band manage to combine the words and music into such a rich and striking narrative of compassionate solidarity that it demands to be heard.

Contrary to the title, this is a track of striking coherence, with the band masterfully balancing melodic pop sensibilities with more dark and experimental elements, displaying a supreme awareness of when to cool off and when to hit the throttle. The shifting sonics manage to sound concurrently hopeful and despairing – the music reflecting the confusion, uncertainties and fluctuations of addiction itself.

Ultimately, this is an intensely immersive track of epic scope that shows a great deal of promise for the band heading forward. Be sure to check out the really well put together video as well.


Review by Jamie George

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