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The Bohos – Born Frustrated [Review]

The Bohos – Born Frustrated [Review]

‘Born Frustrated’ is the new single from one of Liverpool’s brightest upcoming talents, The Bohos.

Produced by Al Groves, who has previously worked with Bring Me the Horizon and Paris Youth Foundation, this track attempts to showcase an elevation of maturity in The Bohos’ music as well as an infectious energy which is reminiscent of their live performances, following their debut UK tour.

The single is comprised primarily of aggressive vocals from frontman Finlay Power, (who lives up to his name), and an attack on the senses from drums and bass guitar. There’s also an electronic undercurrent which permeates the track, giving it a hypnotic quality, and having been produced in the Motor Museum studio you can feel the connection to artists such as Oasis.

‘Born Frustrated’ is an assured and forceful single from The Bohos which showcases their potential as they head back into the studio to work on more releases for the coming year. With a second single on the way and gigs in the pipeline, expect to hear more from The Bohos in 2018.


Review by Ben Whittaker

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