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The Blackheart Orchestra – Born to Live

The Blackheart Orchestra – Born to Live

Award-winning British songwriters, composers and multi-instrumentalists Chrissy Mostyn and Rick Pilkington are The Blackheart Orchestra. And their latest release ‘Born to Live’ is a mesmerising powerhouse of a track.


The Blackheart Orchestra | Born To Live (Official Video)


An intriguing blend of acoustic and electronic sounds, The Blackheart Orchestra bring together with 80’s synthesizers and classical influences in a unique and compelling way.

Chrissy Mostyn’s striking and haunting vocals are a force to be reckoned with, and Rick Pilkington’s multi-instrumentalism combines the conventional and unconventional, taking you with them on their deep musical journey into the human psyche.

You could mistake them for an 8-piece band on first listen, making use of a plethora of instruments, while weaving of musical moods and textures which clash and collide to create unmistakable and fascinating rhythms. Their sound swings from peaceful and minimal, to climatic and symphonic in a heartbeart.

It’s easy to see why their critically acclaimed albums and astonishing live shows have won them legions of fans worldwide.


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