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The 131ers – Face On [Review]

The 131ers – Face On [Review]

The 131ers shared with us their latest track ‘Face On’. Check it out.

If you think of California, you might be misled into thinking surfing, making movies, or thinking neon flashing ‘We’re Open’ signs. Turn your head, geographically, in the opposite direction and you’ve still got the neon signs, a bit dustier perhaps, but there’s also the other California. This alternative provides a more honest tone and an altogether other inspiration for bands from this neck of the woods. Think railway tracks, rusting metal and bellowing chemical plants. It is these alternative Californian sights, the real California, that the 131ers have been observing in their tunes since 2012.

Taking such inspiration from their surroundings, this latest single Face On looks more to animating honesty and integrity as their music deliberately propounds, rather than pulling a false veneer over an already crumbling American society. It’s a quick track, so don’t blink, but the whacky B-52’s lead riff coupled with a determined rhythm complimenting the honesty in the lead vocals. There’s a strength in this tune, a tightness that pulls everything together. Gratifying, and illuminating, like the signs. Something very unique in an overpopulated genre.


Review by Craig Beauman

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