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Tennin – One of Us [Review]

Tennin – One of Us [Review]

‘One of Us’ is the hypnotic new single from French artist Tennin.

Tennin creates abstract contemporary pop on this track, with some unusual traits that make it no less gripping. The melodies bounces and dance in an enticing yet unpredictable way, keeping the listener firmly entranced.

According to Tennin, ‘One of Us’ is a satire against the fashion which aims to sell marginal ideas as predominant concepts. She makes fun of these flaws of our societies in order to invite us to keep control over our idea and actions.

Deep bass beats and layered vocals create an arcane atmosphere, blending whispers, crescendos and spoken word to great effect. The chorus exclaims “Echoes in your head” and this one will surely echo in yours for a long time after first listen.

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