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Canadian garage-rock band Ten Minute Detour are back with their personal and eye-opening track ‘Poli Shore’.

The song is a raw and truthful one as it covers the common anxieties that many people face whether it be to do with personal insecurities, financial issues, lacking confidence and anger dealing with anger issues. I think this is what makes the song so prominent. It is vulnerable but in a daring and unafraid manner as it points out all the problems that many are too afraid to admit or face up to despite suffering through them.

The low-fi garage rock sound that Ten Minute Detour have crafted seems like their way of expressing that they aren’t perfect in the mainstream sense of the word but they are indeed perfectly delivering what people need to hear.

Surprisingly, ‘Poli Shore’ originally wasn’t intended to make the album! Fortunately, the band spontaneously decided to record it on their final day at the studio. Produced by Lincoln Parish, former guitarist of Cage the Elephant, Ten-Minute Detour have really created an electric and enigmatic banger for the people to hear.


Review by Sian Vadher

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