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Tawny K – New Way To Be

One for you festive playlists – have a Very Merry, Socially Distant Christmas with Tawny K.

Check out ‘New Way To Be’, the festive new single from Tawny K! A Christmas treat that is reflective of the peculiar year we’ll all remember as 2020. What a great way to see out the year, a definite one to watch! The message is clear, we all need human connection and this track explores that entirely within the single’s lyricism. Inspired by the highs and lows of this year, Tawny herself adds: ‘I think the emotion of everything happening was like a story in me that was waiting to be told‘. Although Christmas is not a happy time for everyone, there are still moments where we can all experience a glimmer of positivity, even in the darkest of times. With the festive season approaching, Tawny shares: ‘I love Christmas! I hope when people hear this song, they feel like they are getting a big hug’. Taking it back to basics, Tawny’s wish for everyone this Christmas is to find joy in the smallest details about this time of year! Providing a sense of richness, fun and connection; make sure ‘New Way To Be’ is on all your Christmas playlists!

Tawny K is an Australian singer, songwriter and multi-talented musician. Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, Tawny developed a passion for music from a very young age. Throughout her high school years, Tawny played drums and guitar, and would never pass up an opportunity to perform for her friends and family. At the age of 21, Tawny discovered her voice after being approached by Australian producer, Nick Hart to record guitar and vocals for an Electronic/Chillhouse Dubstep track titled, ‘Believe’. Shortly after, Tawny started to draw on inspiration from her major music influences; Rita Ora, Selena Gomez, Anne Marie, and began writing her own music! Tawny’s true journey began in 2012 as she started recording her first studio album, ‘Chapter One’, with the expertise and talent of record producer, Matthew Williams. Her intention was to record music featuring Pop and R&B with elements of EDM and other styles, the latter of which has positively added a unique spin to every track on the album and complimented her music as a progressive artist! Tawny K has an aspiration to not only write totally fresh music that is honest and encouraging, but also to be a role model for the younger generation and inspire them to be the best version of themselves!


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