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Tatum Rush – Do Me No Right (ft. Mina Montesquieu) [Review]

Tatum Rush – Do Me No Right (ft. Mina Montesquieu) [Review]

Swiss-Italian-American music, performance and video artist Tatum Rush is back with an awesome new single Do Me No Right.



Featuring the talents of Mina Montesquieu, the track combines elements of funk, pop and soul, loaded with electric undertones, to create a distinct and infectious sound.

Do Me No Right works as a fantastic follow to Mini Girls, the first single after his debut album which dropped back in 2015.

Smooth vocals complement the thumping bass and the track rides the offbeat groove through the verses, before landing on a electronica-inspired earworm of a chorus.

Tatum Rush’s instantly lovable pop music and smooth disco-snake persona emerge from late-night dead-end alley smoke like one of Thriller’s zombies, and his debut album “Guru Child” was released in to critical acclaim a few years back.

His list of collaborations so far includes artists such as Richard Dorfmeister, Aeed, Bauchamp, Domi Chansorn and Ceri, and we’ve heard that his upcoming singles will feature international artists including the legendary Zap Mama.

It’s worth checking out Tatum’s other work too. His music is fresh, funky and wonderfully abstract, whilst always remaining accessible to mainstream audiences. There are few venues that wouldn’t suit his unique sound, so if you get a chance to go out and see him play live, take it.


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