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Tash Sultana gets dreamy and ethereal on ‘Salvation’, the first single off the upcoming ‘Flow State.’

Although better known for her bedroom jams and ultra-talented lo-fi vibes, Tash Sultana has clearly spent the last number of months expanding and polishing her sound as she prepares for the release of her debut album, ‘Flow State.’ ‘Salvation’, her first release of 2018, sees the young Australian virtuoso taking her song-writing craft to new heights, while holding onto the soulful creativity that has already earned her a steadily-growing legion of fans.

‘Salvation’ is a gorgeously expansive track that charts a personal story of self-love and self-redemption: ‘I found myself between the dirt and desperation / I don’t need you for my own validation.’ Tash’s influences are enormous and varied: neo-soul, alt-rock, and an almost hip-hop inspired vocal flow. Opening to simple electronic keys and a chill beat, Tash’s talents as an instrumentalist shine especially bright on her meandering electric guitar solo, coming in just after the three-minute mark. The solo has an otherworldly, yet not overly flashy quality, that perfectly represents Tash as an artist.

Tash has ultimately retained her experimental and soulful ambience on her latest musical journey, refusing to conform her sound in order to fit into industry boxes. As free-spirited and authentic in her personality as her music, Tash Sultana is a name you are guaranteed to hear a lot more of.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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