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Tamtam – Blue [Review]

Tamtam – Blue [Review]

Tamtam brings fourth her a haunting tale of verse and musical lyrics in the form of her new single Blue.

The Saudi Arabian born artist has affinity with writing lyrics that confront the hurdles we experience in everyday life. She enjoys tearing apart issues and shining a light upon them with powerfully laid out musical scores that make the hairs on the back of your stand up and take notice. Running her message through her music is evident and the powerful emotions she exudes through her music.

For the single Blue Tamtam drew upon natures emotions while getting over a break up. She looked to the water and the sky and put together a track that flows and ebbs such as they. This gives the track not only a very melancholy feeling of end but also rebirth. Listening to the track I tended to wallow upon fallen dreams but at the same time have a feeling of being refreshed and renewed.

Tamtam’s talent is evident with each new single she produces, this new single Blue will reach into your soul and pluck upon the strings of hope and sadness that dwell there in equal portion, a love affair that starts and ends all within its three minutes or so.


Review by Matthew Waters

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