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Tall Bird – This Is It [Review]

Tall Bird – This Is It [Review]

New indie pop group Tall Bird have just produced your new best friend ‘This Is It’.

This is a chill, friendly pop song featuring choppy brass tasters that wet your appetite for even more. The creation of floaty guitars mixed in together with breathy singing make for a very summer filled track that makes you want the sun to come out even more. With the lyrics being about that end of summer feeling combined with the full realization you know there’s a limited amount of time to do everything you still want to do but sitting back and doing nothing feels amazing.

The vocals are performed by Rhee who sounds very similar to the likes of Lily Allen and her generation of I don’t really care much vocalists. Chilled and quirky indie pop really is the perfect medication for the rainy and snowy days of now that never seem to end. This track especially brings together the happier thoughts you have of what is to come and what has been in a relatable head bopping track.


Review by Charlie Hall

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