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Tali Leda – Free Free [Review]

Tali Leda – Free Free [Review]

Free Free is the new chill-pop track from LA-based artist Tali Leda

Tali Leda clearly has a talent for soothing the soul. Free Free is a laid-back anthem serving up sensual sounds straight from the fridge – super-chilled!

The vocals are what give Free Free real appeal. Tali’s voice is silky smooth and her vocal melodies float along weightlessly, hitting notes you’ll want to keep on repeat. The song itself deals with rebelling against social norms and living life on your own terms, blending elements of pop, chill and trip-hop masterfully, with a vibe reminiscent of Lorde or Julien Baker.

Tali Leda grew up in New York, as an adopted child of a loving but traditional, non-musical family. Creative careers were very discouraged. As an adult, Tali tracked down her birth mom and discovered she had musical genes running deep in her blood, which inspired her and gave her the emotional freedom to launch a music career, later in life than most people do. The lyrics of Free Free express Tali’s refusal to allow age bias to stop her passion.

Tali Leda currently calls Los Angeles her home, where she creates a distinctive blend of pop music melding electronic and organic sounds. Several of Tali’s original songs have been featured on popular TV shows such as Shameless (Showtime), Charmed (The CW) and Shark (CBS) under her former artist name Michele Jusko.

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