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Tablefox – Under a Broken Smile [Video]

Tablefox – Under a Broken Smile [Video]

‘Under a Broken Smile’ is the latest track from New Zealand-based five-piece Tablefox.

Tablefox -Under a Broken Smile -Official Video-HD

Under a Broken Smile begins with frontman Clinton Bell’s spine chillingly evocative vocals. Bass, drums and guitar then rush in with determined and vigorous energy, and remain consistent throughout. Timing is everything, and the rhythm is kept tight with the drums and bass, while the guitars give the extra layer of blood pumping punch. Add this to powerful vocals with the emotive subject matter, and this is powerful stuff.

The song has been described as the ‘most significant song in the band’s history,’ and Tablefox themselves have expressed the creative turmoil that the track produced. Band members had walked out by the end of recording, however this resulted in a band line up which in their own words, is ‘stronger and closer.’

The video for the song was directed by the band’s own Chris Dickinson (guitar and vocals), illustrating the subject of love, loss and obstacles that are faced. The band decided the story would be told from the perspective of an elderly man who has lost his wife, navigating his way through loneliness and grief. It is extremely moving, cutting from the present to the past, with clips of archive film footage.

Tablefox have already become very prominent over the last few years within the New Zealand music scene, and have gained big support from two of the main rock radio stations, Radio Hauraki and The Rock. Their influences clearly show through in this latest offering, (The Cure, Dinosaur Jr., U2), however the band have crafted and developed their very own unique raw and dynamic sound. Tablefox really are a force to be reckoned with.


Review by Elaine Summers

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