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T. Gambine ft. Sean DeVair – New Thing [Review]

T. Gambine ft. Sean DeVair – New Thing [Review]

T. Gambine has released his latest track New Thing.

Having released 9 albums and several mixtapes spanning 13 years, T. Gambine is no stranger to making music. His latest track, New Thing, is a smooth Christian rap number, which has all the components to resonate with all who hear it. Accompanying T. Gambine is Sean DeVair, whose excellent vocals cement the catchy feel the song rides on.

T. Gambine’s motivation for writing God-centric music stems from his belief that people are the root and foundation of our communities, and to keep it strong, the root needs to be strengthened. By putting the two together, he has managed to ensure his message is heard by as many people as possible. New Thing is out now for everyone to check out.

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