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SVMROGOD releases his latest single ‘LOST’.

A fresh hit, ‘LOST’ is the new single to come from politically minded artist SVMROGOD, previously known as Omoye. Wanting this song to leave a last impression on his listeners, this song reaches new heights with SVMROGOD pulling out all the stops. Standing for Locked on Sexy Things, ‘LOST’ tells the story of how SVMROGOD moved to South Africa, wanting to stay in the beautiful country because of the people but especially because of the women. ‘LOST’ is bold and vibrant with an energetic beat that is sure to catch your attention. The video is expected to drop around Christmas to bring some summer vibes back into your winter.

Originally from Benin City “Heartbeat of The Nation” Edo State in Nigeria, SVMROGOD found his home in Cape Town, South Africa after being charmed by the hospitable people and the beautiful landscape. Styling his music as Afro-Cpt, he blends afro-beat with soft piano styles to create a mesmerizing mix. SVMROGOD is also a professional film and television sound engineer and is well known in the South African entertainment industry. His debut single ‘Gbana’ was released earlier this year and is a powerful message about the dangers of drug misuse.

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