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Suzi Island – Show Me The Way [Review]

Suzi Island – Show Me The Way [Review]

The debut single from youthful Brighton duo Suzi Island is a triumphant masterpiece of melody.

At just 19 years of age, core members Matthew Carter and Hugh Reilly-Smith have managed to come up with something that many bands will go their entire careers trying but failing to achieve – an anthem of astonishing merit which, from the moment you first hear it, sounds destined for the big festival stages.

The captivating, understated opening rhythms provide the backbone as the track builds towards wave after wave of melody that barely lets up for a second of the near 4-minute run time. The real highlight is in the delightful vocal harmonies that provide the track with an unmistakable sense of unity, while the pounding drums accentuate the exuberant energy that pervades the entire song.

Helped along the way by producer Pete Robertson of indie-favourites The Vaccines, the band have promised more new music in the coming months. If it’s anywhere near as catchy and self-assured as ‘Show Me the Way’, then they can be expecting big things ahead.

Review by Jamie George

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