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Surreal Satori – Sometimes [Review]

Surreal Satori – Sometimes [Review]

Surreal Satori has just released her brand new single ‘Sometimes’.

In her own words, ‘sometimes in life, moments with that special someone leave us with just a smile’, ‘Sometimes’ is a song dedicated to all of those moments.

Surreal Satori blends Indian and western music, mixing her heritage with some of her influences from elsewhere. The song features beautiful finger-picked guitar and melodic sitar riffs, topped off with a tender, atmospheric vocal delivery.

Surreal Satori hails from Shimla, India but spent her academic career in England, therefore, she has been surrounded by cultural and musical influences. She describes how religion, art and travel have each played a role in shaping her sound today. Now residing in Canada, she hopes to bring her musical across the globe and inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

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