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Superheart – LILO [Review]

Superheart – LILO [Review]

UK based Superheart shares his new ambient tune LILO.

Uplifting and excellently crafted, Superheart follows on from his hit singles, Count On Me, Talk About It and World’s on Fire with LILO. Written just after he was signed to Akira Records, LILO has all the ingredients to catapult the talented musician to the forefront of the dreamy, indie-pop genre.

You are submerged in a world of pulsating synth tones and lofty vocal melodies. There’s no hiding away from the bold, bass-heavy beat that cocoons around you. It’s so refreshing to see a musician who is at the top of their game, producing something so excellently arranged. LILO is one of those anthems that you will not be forgetting in a while.

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