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Superheart – After Midnight [Review]

Superheart – After Midnight [Review]

After winning us over with his irresistibly catchy feel good track, ‘Count On Me’, Superheart is back with his new single ‘After Midnight’.

With the power to make you redefine what it means to be safe and relaxed Superheart knows what it means to make incredible music. His latest track ‘After Midnight’ is like being wrapped up in a soft blanket after a long day of just chilling out with your friends. Making you reminisce about the best of times, the groovy guitar laps at your ears and your heart fills with the soothing vocals as soon as you hit play. Warm tropical sounds make ‘After Midnight’ carry a unique twist that adds to the power that drives the track to become what it is.

Delivering a track that is prevailing but doesn’t try too hard ‘After Midnight’ is the result of a long and caring craftsmanship that he seemingly gets completely right. With his previous track ‘Count On Me’ gaining significant attention, he is sure to make ever bigger waves in the music industry this time around. With over 100K plays on Spotify, 400K on Apple Music, and 50K on Soundcloud, Superheart is one to keep on your radar for sure.


Review by Charlie Hall

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