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Sunken – Swoon [Review]

Sunken – Swoon [Review]

Sunken take us on a mesmerizing journey with the soulful track ‘Swoon’.

Laid-back, easy listening instrumentals sitting behind a stunning vocal performance, ‘Swoon’ captures a band with two very different yet ultimately complementary traits.

Its sheer elegance gives it the aura of a band with years of experience behind them, but Sunken have the youthful confidence to see bold ideas through to their fruition – as evidenced with the contrasting intensity of the song’s conclusion, which Poppy improvised on the piano after an initial demo was written. They collaborated with producer/engineer Tom Carmichael (Jamie Isaac, Childhood) to maximise the energy of that section.

“‘Swoon’ is a special song for us as it was the first time we all had contributed to a sound we wanted to explore further,” says Finn. “It was the first song we wrote together and put us all on the same page. The lyrics allude to how time feels to drag when you feel lonely, but equally understanding that these periods are here for a reason.”

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