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Sun-Pinned Leaves – Rock ‘n’ Road [Album Review]

Sun-Pinned Leaves – Rock ‘n’ Road [Album Review]

Sun-Pinned Leaves have released their latest album, Rock ’n’ Road.

Filled with neatly woven classic rock guitar riffs and 80s rock nuances, Rock ’n Road has everything in there for any rock music lover. Sun-Pinned Leaves is made up of a songwriting duo Christopher Brown and Neil Faulkner. Recently reunited, they have rekindled their songwriting prowess which started in the 70s, which has resulted in 4 albums since 2019.

The great thing about Rock ’n’ Road is the placement of the tracks. You have the perfect mix of riff-driven numbers and smooth, bouncy 80s inspired tracks. The guitar work is exceptional and remains consistent throughout. The vocals fit the whole vibe perfectly, whether that’s on the rough and ready, A Condition Called Love, or the Fleetwood Mac inspired, Sweet Sedona. These are just two examples, but there are plenty of others to discover in the 10 track album.

Rock ’n’ Road is an album that is hard to find fault with and is already out now for you to sink your teeth into.

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