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Sukesha Ray – We Are The Way We Are [Review]

Sukesha Ray – We Are The Way We Are [Review]

Sukesha Ray brings us her feel good anthem, We Are The Way We Are.

Music has been a part of Sukesha’s life since she was small. Singing in choirs and performing in school musicals ignited the musical flame in her and she hasn’t looked back since. We Are The Way We Are is the latest from the talented singer, and it’s obvious from the first second it’s born to be an infectious summer anthem.

The track has all the elements to make it a stand out pop banger. The playful vocal lines protrude through the upbeat, catchy synth hooks. Sukesha’s natural vocal talent boosts the summery feel that the song possesses and is a pleasurable listening experience from the start. Be sure to check out Sukesha’s other releases too, as they are as equally poptastic as this one.

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