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Stray Hounds – Ride (Am I The One) [Review]

Stray Hounds – Ride (Am I The One) [Review]

Stray Hounds showcase their growth in technical instrumentation with a killer new track Ride (Am I The One).

Released at the end of October 2020, Ride (Am I The One) is a refreshing take on a retro vibe. The arrangement of the guitars and smartly laid down drum beat goes hand in hand with the unique vocal style. Everything is in fine balance, as you are thrust into a musical journey that drives you through the tale of a night out and the inevitably raw morning after.

It has the same unstoppable beat that you would find in a NEU! track, as the first minute and a half entices you with the steady rhythm section and compelling guitar work. Once the vocals hit, you move forward in time with 80s rock subtleties creeping in, giving the track a super cool edge. There’s also a nod to more contemporary artists like Shame, with the overall production mirroring the Neo-punk band excellently. Ride (Am I The One) is a track that doesn’t put a foot wrong, leaving something in there for every rock music fan.

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