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Stray Fossa – How Come? [Review]

Stray Fossa – How Come? [Review]

Stray Fossa have released the first single from their upcoming debut album.

Stray Fossa - How Come? (Official Video)

How Come? is up there at the top of the new wave dream-pop/shoegaze tree. Melodically, the guitar work is constructed in a way that wraps around your ears, inviting you to sink into their sound from the beginning. There’s everything you could want in a lucid, easy-going bit of dream-pop here. The full soundscape is on parr with the best, and the fact that it was all recorded & produced in their own attic studio only adds to the sheer brilliance of their talent.

Stray Fossa’s sound is memorable, groovy and instantly likeable. As well as the excellent guitar work, the bassline gives a pop-like twang to the track. The vocals further heighten the dreamy dimension, too. Pitch perfect and slightly ghostly, they also cacoon around you like some sort of liquefied duvet. This exemplary single has all the hallmarks of a band who have honed their sound and are going to show it to the masses whether they like it or not. I know which side I’m on.

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