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STRAM have released their 4 track EP, SWIM/DULLNESS.

It’s been a busy couple of years for the Japanese Goth Rock/Post Punk outfit. Following on from their 2020 album, Downer, STRAM channels their brand of dark sounding riffs once again with their latest EP. SWIM/DULLNESS is one for fans of the Goth Rock genre, as the atmospheric, deep guitar parts accompany the Post-Punk sounding vocals perfectly.

There are also elements of heavier genres, as the big, distorted sound creeps into the Doom Metal sphere. That’s what makes the EP so impressive. STRAM stay true to the Goth Rock ethos, whilst experimenting with other genres, giving it a fresh edge. SWIM/DULLNESS was released on 24th November, and if you live in Japan, you can get your hands on 10-inch vinyl from 8th January.

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